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    Um nome, um mito:

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  2. danpmss postou uma resposta no tópico: (ENG - PT-BR) Lista de Regras para o Fórum de Debate de Visual Novels / Rules for the Visual Novel Court Forum   

    Specific VN Titles Discussion Rules

    The following rules apply only to the Visual Novel Court Discussion boards.
    Visual Novel specific threads should go into their respective sub-boards. Examples:Did anyone feel this way after the end of ____ ?What order should I play/read ____ in? / Do I need to have read/played ____ before ____?What route should I start from?Multi-adaptation comparison / Anime version vs. manga version vs. LN version vs. VN version.Any questions about characters in a specific Visual Novel.Please refrain from creating threads that do not encourage discussion; e.g. random "xx vs. yy", picture collecting, simple listing, etc.Do not start a discussion about a VN title that is yet to be released ("Trial Version" and "Expectations" and "News"(bellow) threads are exceptions).Single phrase responses (e.g., "Good VN") do not contribute nor promote discussion and will be removed without notice.Threads with the same question/discussion/objective will be merged in no time, if in the same sub-board.If you cite a news article about a new VN title, please include the source.No nudity or overly sexualized images allowed outside the Eroge board (also, those images need to be hidden in "[/spoiler/]")Personal grudge that starts any kind of threats against a determinated user will not be tolerated.
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